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EUROPEAN FUNDS for Business & Governement End Users


Program 2021-2027:

Our Coporate propose Project, Consulting for European Organizations for European & Local Funds.
Since 1998, EUROFLASH GROUP, is a Hi-Tech Group of Corporate present in Italy in the Business Area of the Information Technology, Internet and Telecommunications and other Smart Specialization Areas.

The Group has experience since 1990.

EUROFLASH is leader in proposing the Innovation of Future through best Global Solutions. EUROFLASH projects, transforms and develops all B2B demands with Quality, Efficiency and Constant in the Time for Fundraising. 

Quality & Service are the stable Principles of EUROFLASH that represent the Key of Success. EUROFLASH reaches Your Business Targets. Time, Target, Cost & Security represent the base for all B2B Best Demands.

EuroFlash offers European & Local Fundsraising Projects to End User Organization and Corporate Networks.

EUROFLASH can provide any Solution, Project and Development in the following Business Area:

European Funds

  • Horizon 2027 and other European Funds
  • SMEs's specialization
  • Energy Specialization
  • Life spezialization
  • Tourism Specialization 
  • Others


Regione Lazio and others, Italy

  • POR 2021-2027 for Regione Lazio
  • PON
  • Regional
  • International Funds
  • Others


Financed Training

  • Training with local funds (Formazione Interoforssionale agevolata)
  • ISO 9001 Certified  Training for Tax Credits
  • Training for different Organization Markets (Finance, Ensurances, Sales, etc)
  • Training for Top Managers and Employees
  • Training Funds
  • Others

Other European Countries

  • Other Local Territory Fundraising Projects  


EUROFLASH is glad to provide the Best Support WorldWide.