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Introduction & Certifications:

Our Coporate propose Project, Consulting for European Organizations for European & Local Funds an ESCO General Contracting.
Since 1998, EUROFLASH GROUP, is a Innovation Group of Corporate present in Italy in the Business Area of the Innovation and other Smart Specialization Areas.

The Group has experience since 1990.

EUROFLASH is leader in proposing the Innovation of Future through best Global Solutions. EUROFLASH projects, transforms and develops all B2Gov & B2B demands with Quality, Efficiency and Constant in the Time.

Quality & Service are the stable Principles of EUROFLASH that represent the Key of Success. EUROFLASH reaches Your Business Targets. Time, Target, Cost & Security represent the base for all Best Demands.

EUROFLASH can provide any Solution, Project and Development in the repsect of fully CRM/ERP Process integration with ISO9001 and ISO27001 Certification (SQS - IQNET) in the following Business Area:


  • Cellebrite Cellebrite Logo 01
  • Digital Clues (OSINT - Open-Source Intelligence - Extractions)
  • Magnet
  • Vound Intella
  • BlackBag
  • Open Text - Tableau
  • Digital Intelligence


Digital Forensics

  • rapidly and accurately acquire potentially relevant electronically stored information (ESI) for audits, investigations and litigation
  • provide the best, most cost-effective solutions for the identification, collection, preservation, analysis and recovery of evidence
  • Data Recovery
  • Others.


Mobile Forensics

  • expert mobile forensics
  • mobile data recovery services for law enforcement, corporations, attorneys and private customers using the most advanced technology available from the industry.
  • providing the best, most cost-effective solutions for the identification, collection, preservation, analysis and recovery of evidence.
  • Others

Open-source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is a multi-factor (qualitative, quantitative) methodology for collecting, analyzing and making Decisions about data accessible in publicly available sources to be used in an intelligence context.
In the intelligence community, the term "open" refers to overt, publicly available sources (as opposed to covert or clandestine sources).
OSINT under one name or another has been around for hundreds of years.
With the advent of instant communications and rapid information transfer, a great deal of actionable and predictive intelligence can now be obtained from public, unclassified sources. It is not related to open-source software or collective intelligence.

OSINT is the collection and analysis of information that is gathered from public, or open, sources.[1] 
OSINT is primarily used in national security, law enforcement, and business intelligence functions and is of value to analysts who use non-sensitive intelligence in answering classified, unclassified, or proprietary intelligence requirements across the previous intelligence disciplines.

OSINT sources can be divided up into six different categories of information flow:[2]

  • Media, print newspapers, magazines, radio, and television from across and between countries.
  • Internet, online publications, blogs, discussion groups, citizen media (i.e. – cell phone videos, and user created content), YouTube, and other social media websites (i.e. – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). This source also outpaces a variety of other sources due to its timeliness and ease of access.
  • Public government data, public government reports, budgets, hearings, telephone directories, press conferences, websites, and speeches. Although this source comes from an official source they are publicly accessible and may be used openly and freely.
  • Professional and academic publications, information acquired from journals, conferences, symposia, academic papers, dissertations, and theses.
  • Commercial data, commercial imagery, financial and industrial assessments, and databases.
  • Grey literature, technical reports, preprints, patents, working papers, business documents, unpublished works, and newsletters.



  • Training for digital and mobile forensics.
  • Workshops include deep hands-on learning, and participants leave with new tools and skills immediately applicable to forensic investigations.
  • Our instructors actively maintain all the major and recognized certifications from the industry continuing education year after year.



  • Certified and trained consultants with a deep knowledge of the eDiscovery process and of the eDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM).


EUROFLASH is glad to provide the Best Support WorldWide.

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