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Our Coporate propose Auditing, Consulting Professioanl Services for European Organizations & Others.
Since 1998, EUROFLASH GROUP, is a Innovation Group of Corporate present in Italy in the Business Area of the Innovation and other Smart Specialization Areas.

The Group has experience since 1990.

EUROFLASH is leader in proposing the Innovation of Future through best Global Solutions. EUROFLASH projects, transforms and develops all B2Gov & B2B demands with Quality, Efficiency and Constant in the Time.

Quality & Service are the stable Principles of EUROFLASH that represent the Key of Success. EUROFLASH reaches Your Business Targets. Time, Target, Cost & Security represent the base for all Best Demands.

EUROFLASH can provide any Solution, Project and Development in the repsect of fully CRM/ERP Process integration with ISO9001 and ISO27001 Certification (SQS - IQNET) in the following Business Area:


  • SQS


Project Design - Certified ISO Auditing Services

  • Example of certified procedures (ISO9001/27001). International Business Models (e.g Canvas, BluePrint,etc) , and Vendor Specific Certifications.


  • Auditing is done with the same principles respecting the PLANS, PROVISIONING, CHECKS AND ACTION OF IMPROVEMENTS


  • Trainings
    training are delivered following the ISO9001/27001 standards and respecting all the international certification involved in the Projects & Requirements. These activities can be delivered through VideoConference Room Systems and releasing ISO9001 Certificates with Tax Governement deductions.
  • Maintenance & Support
    It has delivered through WorkFlow BluePrint full certified ISO9001/27001 integrated Processes up to the Solutions.


EUROFLASH is glad to provide the Best Support WorldWide.

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