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We are happy to announce that our Group is continuing to develop Certifications and Expertise over 15 years in ICT & Cloud Area. Our Expertise is available at your Service with a lot of Top Vendor solutions selected and described in Gartner and Enterprise Customers sector.
For example we are glad to confirm our Cooperation with (alphabetic order):


  • Cisco Webex Teams & Cisco Webex Calling
  • SmartWorking Solutions
  • CRM/ERP in Cloud Solutions
  • Integration Solutions
  • Automation Solution
  • Project & Consulting
  • European Co-Finance Call Funds
  • -------------------------------------------------------------
  • GDPR Privacy & Encryption Compliance
  • Data Protection Certifications & Compliance
  • ISO9001 & ISO27001 Compliance Auditings
  • etc.


Indeed our Group is available for listening your needing and build or maintain your infrastructures (Cloud, on premise, hybrid) resolving all security issues you need it.



Cisco Webex Calling Solutions (Enterprise Cloud PBX)







Call us for ICT Cloud & SmartWorking Solutions




You can call us as you like for all further information in all Products as you like. Our Staff is ready to Assist you as you like either on site and/or through VideoConference on our charge. Our Corporate collect all information in our CRM/ERP for providing the best offering tailored on your needing without increasing budget and/or what you didn't require.


Certified Professional Staff


We are really carefull to Customer Needing.

Ready to deliver contract on your needings and to provide the best support as you need it in terms f Quality, SLAs, Statistic Reports and so on.


Certified Staff


All our Staff is obligated to be Certified and continue the updating process.

Sales Accounts, System Engineer, Administration, Human Resource Manager, etc. are all certified for a great Service delivery and Support..



We wait for yu as you like.


Cisco Webex Unified Communicatiion (Pc/Mac, Tablets, Smartphone, etc.)
This solution can be installaed in multiple devices at the same time and all communication are Encrypted.
Messaging, Meeting, Calling and Planning are fully integrated.





Quality and Survey



All our Works are subject to Survey yearly for listining your evaluation and to improve Quality and/or New Service Models on your needings.

Cisco Webex Rooms



Cisco Webex Desk 





Cisco Webex Desk Camera (news 2021)

 Cisco Webex Desk Camera Details

Note: This Enterprise Device is fully managed in the centralized "Cisco Control Hub" and the Assets can be managed in centralized way and also central Updates/Upgrades and Statistics.



Cisco Webex Desk Hub (news 2021)

Webex Desk Hub perspective 01  Webex Desk Hub perspective 02



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